Thursday, May 8, 2008

I launched this site in 2003 as a simple writing exercise for my own personal enjoyment. Shortly thereafter it became quite popular and had a steady stream of people coming to write each day. All was well until I switched servers and everything stopped working about a year and a half ago.

Finally, after countless inquiries, I re-launched the site a couple of weeks ago.

The site is designed to create a balance between your creative, flowing side and your logical thinking side.

You click “go” and a word comes up and you have 60 seconds to type whatever that word brings to mind as quickly as you can.

There are no fancy words here. The words are intentionally very simple so that no time is spent trying to define things.

This exercise, as simple as it may seem, will help you on many levels, so try it:

Don’t think. Just write...

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Jesus, the Buddha, Bob Marley—they all said that we are one. What does that mean?

I think it means exactly what it sounds like—there is no space between us. It's all made up. It's just swirl of atoms in varying densities. There is no actual point where I end and the air begins and the air ends and you begin. We are an indescribably huge organism having an equally indescribable and equally huge orgasm. We are the "big bang", still banging—and getting bigger.

Back to ONE.

The Universe is binary. So, while this is a constant and unfathomable orgasm on one hand, the other side of the coin must exist—

What's the opposite equivalent of a constant, unfathomable orgasm?

An intermittent, mildly annoying head cold?

I'm halfway joking. But though one might think that the "equal and opposite" would be equally as powerful— just going in the opposite direction—if that were the case, and the opposite were an equally powerful dismal vacuum, then they would simply cancel one another out—and there would be nothing.

It makes more sense that the opposite would be sporadic, subtle and ever-so-slightly depressing.

Say, for instance, your back goes out. That's not subtle—it's unbearable. When you are in that kind of pain, you see very clearly, through the contrast, the desire to not be in pain and to have a healthy back.

However, when you have that low-level anxiety—that tiny sniffle; that little itch in the back of your throat; a little red in your eyes—that's where the distraction happens. Just enough to keep you clearing your throat. Just enough to keep checking your email—you're not expecting any amazing life-altering email to come in—it's just a low-level expectation that's always there, for some tiny acknowledgment that you exist.

That's what we're focused on. That's it. That's the ZERO in the binary system. The ONE is the constant bliss that is the ultimate reality of this existence—the ZERO is the subtle, sputtering wind, that keeps us away from it.

The Universe is binary, but it's a litte more complicated than that for us, because we don't see what's really going on. We are in a time-space reality that has taken something infinite and made it appear finite. Part of that illusion is seeing things in degrees. We couldn't experience the fullness of reality because that kind of orgasm would kill us instantly.

We can, however, choose to focus on the degrees that are on the ONE side of things. Spending more and more time—just moments here and there—focusing on the beauty and harmony of this place. It's there if you look. For some reason, we seem far more interested in the ZERO—in how some politician or celebrity's hair-day is going than in a flower or a blue sky.

In every moment, there lies a choice. Choose ONE.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


A simple breaking down of the word quickly disproves the concept of reincarnation.

"re" means "again" which implies time.

"incarnation" means "embodiment" which implies space.

Physics has proven that time and space are illusions.

Furthermore, reincarnation implies that there is separation, which blows the "oneness" theory that most of those that tend to believe in reincarnation usually also believe.

How could one come back as a butterfly if nothing is not the butterfly?

The short story is that all there is—is all there isn't. And, all there isn't—is all there is.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here is a blank Focus Wheel template, as referenced in the YouTube walkthrough:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

68 Seconds of Pure Thought

This is a tool created in response to the Abraham-Hicks explanation of the power of 68 seconds of pure thought.

Before you hit play, pick a desire; something you would like to manifest.
  • imagine that desire is contained in the indigo circle
  • focus your attention on the blue circle until it fades

This version does the trick. But if you want the original HD version, PayPal a donation to sixtyeightseconds at gmail dot com and I'll send it to you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This illusion in which we reside is spectacular. The cracks in the sidewalk, the rust, the smog, road construction, taxes, wars—all of those imperfections—are so perfect.

Somewhere in the movie, The Matrix, it was mentioned that the first program the machines created was peaceful and perfect, but we rejected it. This makes sense. If everything was perfect, we'd all likely be suspicious that something was up. It's that stubbed toe, negative balance in the checking account, or dirty dishes that manage to keep us locked into thinking that any of it is real.

Quantum physics has proven that at the sub-sub-sub-sub-sub atomic level, there really isn't anything; just empty space. Though it may only appear as such until we have more sophisticated monitoring devices.

It is nothing short of a miracle that our non-physical selves were so brilliant as to create something so convincing, for no other reason than to give ourselves a physical experience.

Even coming from a place of complete knowledge and understanding of all things, it makes sense that we would desire a physical experience. In essence, this could be considered wisdom, as it is said that “wisdom is knowledge applied”. After all, we could talk about what it feels like to have sex all day long and it would not even come close to the actual experience.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Here is a technique that came to me in meditation this morning:

First of all, pick something you wish to manifest. In this example I use "perfect health". (You may replace it with whatever you wish—financial abundance, perfect soulmate, etc. etc.)

Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Silently repeat each of the following sentences over and over until you feel ready to move to the next:
(meditation examples in italics)

I witness the conception of my perfect health
conceiving is fun—use your imagination here

I witness the gestation of my perfect health
picture nine months passing

I witness the labor of my perfect health
picture (don't actually do) that "heee heee heee" breathing technique

I witness the crowning of my perfect health
picture little rays of light seeping out, just waiting to be born

I witness the birth of my perfect health
light fills the room

I witness the infancy of my perfect health
how cute

I witness the childhood of my perfect health
learning how to walk. Free and full of wonder

I witness the adolescence of my perfect health
a little awkward; growing pains

I witness the adulthood of my perfect health
all grown up, ready to take on the world

I witness the maturiy of my perfect health
grown up in all ways and relaxed into beingness

Now sit for a moment and contemplate this, then say:

I now invoke my perfect health

Breathe. Enjoy the bliss flooding your consciousness.

. . .

There are three main reasons for doing it this way:

  • By witnessing the desire's growth all the way from conception to maturity, you gradually open yourself up to it (much like you would want to gradually open your eyes when coming from total darkness to total daylight). Invoking it at its full maturity may just be too much all at once, thus ineffective.
  • Do you really want baby good health or rebellious teenage prosperity?
  • You grew it and nourished it for its entire life—it is family now.
Look for an MP3 guided version of this meditation soon.